Waterfall - Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Pictures of a Day at the Rio Celeste & the Beach

The Rio Celeste (the blue river) is one of Costa Rica’s most precious natural wonders. With some other AFS Volunteers, I took a day trip to the Volcano Tenorio National Park where we hiked to the Rio Celeste. We ended the day at the Playa Conchal – one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. Here are the pictures of this exciting day trip for you to see.

Well first of all, sorry for not posting anything in the last two weeks. I’ve been pretty busy. For example with this weekend trip. I went to Nicoya with a group of other AFS volunteers. It’s about a 4-hour bus ride from San José to get there. We stayed with the host family of one of the volunteers and took day trips from there.

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Well, this is it for today. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

And guess where I’m going for easter break? To Puerto Viejo. This means 10 days of beautiful beaches, national parks full of tropical plants and animals, yummy Caribbean food, and hopefully some surfing! So stay tuned to read more about my next adventure!