A late Homecoming

1 Week in NYC

New York City is not just any City to me. It’s a special place to me. Why?

Because I was born there.

So you can imagine how I must have felt walking down the streets of New York.

It was a special homecoming because I don’t have any memories of being here before because my family moved back to Switzerland when I was still a baby. However, I’ve been here many times before in my imagination. I pictured how this giant city must be like, look like, feel like, and smell like.

Twenty years and a few days after I was born in a hospital in Manhattan, I was finally back in NYC.

This was definitely a special trip for me. Besides doing all the touristy stuff, I also went back to the house I used to live in after I was born.

But what did I do the rest of the week?

  • I walked around, took a bike ride and a nap in Central Park
  • I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in 4 years
  • I ate jellyfish and other delicious things in Chinatown
  • I went to the museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Metropolitan Museum, the National Museum of American Indians, the Jewish Museum, and the Guggenheim Museum
  • I went for a stroll on the high line
  • I had a New York bagel
  • I went to the One World Trade Center
  • I took the metro (many many times)
  • I checked out Time Square
  • I walked through Chinatown, Little Italy, SOHO, and Greenwich Village
  • I took the Staten Island Ferry back and forth
  • I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • I admired the street art in Williamsburg
  • I checked out the cemetery of Trinity church
  • I strolled down 5th Avenue
  • I saw a comedy show
  • I went thrift shopping in Williamsburg
  • I took the Roosevelt Island Tramway
  • I had lunch in little Italy in the Bronx
  • And many many more things

Below you can see the pictures I took in NYC.

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  1. Tab
    Tab says:

    Makes me walk down the memory lane! My so many trips to NYC in the past! I had the largest Onion ring in Greenwich village! Very nice photo collections! NYC is NYC – unparalleled. Good to see your blog again, Miranda!


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