An Intercultural Photography Exhibtion

Art for Understanding (AFU) is an art exhibition displaying the works of ten talented photographers from two different countries – Costa Rica and Switzerland – with the main goal to promote intercultural exchange between them. It will take place once in summer 2017 in Costa Rica and a second time in winter 2017 in Switzerland, making it possible for both Swiss and Costa Rican visitors to dive into the cultures of the two countries. The photographs all capture the Swiss respectively Costa Rican experience as lived by the photographers who captured them.


In this exhibition photography is viewed as part of the culture of a certain nation or people since photography is an art form and art a component of culture. We believe that intercultural understanding is the key to world peace and this exhibition is here to contribute a little to this big cause.

  • By exhibiting diverse pictures from various different photographers we want to offer the visitors different viewpoints on Costa Rica respectively Switzerland and show that there is more to it than just scenic postcard pictures.
  • To create an environment to foster intercultural encounters and promote intercultural dialogue by offering the visitors ta chance to participate in different activities of dealing with one’s own culture and learning about the other one.
  • To give the visitors a glimpse into the lives of the participating photographers and their motivations and views.
  • In the course of planning the exhibition, we’ll deal with the topic of in what way photography is a medium of expression for a person or a culture as a whole, and what the characteristics of Swiss respectively Costa Rican photography are.