Hello World!

My name is Miranda and I am a travel photographer and writer from Switzerland. My biggest passion is to travel the world and see as many places on this beautiful planet as possible. In the past few years I have done so during my school breaks which always posed a strict timeframe upon my trips, but now, after graduating, I’m finally free to start my big adventure. On some of these trips I was accompanied by friends or family, on some I was on my own, but there was one companion who was always at hand wherever I went: my camera. Through the lens of my camera I want to document my adventures for all those who don’t get to do what I’m doing and those that want to follow me on my journey from the comfort of their homes. Most importantly I want to inspire people to also pack their bags and go out into the world to discover it for themselves or even just step out of their comfort zone because that’s when the fun starts and you begin to learn so much more about yourself and life in general.